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Sigiriya Tour

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Sigiriya Rock Fortress And City - The Best Among All The Historical Places In Sri Lanka

According to studies Sigiriya is popular among tourists from whole over the world, since it has the best ancient architecture, artwork & infrastructure system to witness. is here for you to design a Sri Lanka tour itinerary for you including the Sigiriya tour (sightseeing, rock climbing, knowing the exciting history behind the ancient fortress). Shout your travel requirements with us today (hotline / viber / whatsapp : +94 77 350 7005), for an exciting holidays in the Island with wonders to explore in the land & surrounding sea of the country.

When it comes to places to visit around & in the kingdom, there are more; travel guide assists you on understanding the history behind the ancient royal kingdom. Near the entrance to this tourist hotspot, you can visit the museum, and then you will step into the ancient kingdom and witness the ancient royal swimming pool (ponds) where the ancient kingdoms' men & women took bath, water terraces, gardens, stone seating and etc. Then you will see the steps to climb the rock and witness the the world famous paintings (frescos), mirror wall & so on. You may wonder to feel the ancient architecture on your visit to this ancient fortress, specially for its world famous frescos. After seeing the frescos, you have to walk a bit to reach the Lion's paw and climb further to see the ancient royal palace architecture on top of the rock. Also, you can see the Brahmi inscriptions from 3rd Century BC to 1st century in caves.

Sigiriya is one of the most wanted tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, it has high number of tourist visits throughout the year, due to this reason, there are hotels, resorts & accommodation with world class facilities can be found easily. The hotels around the city are gaining the best out of tourism while the rock fortress Sri Lanka drives the most tourists attractions. has already connected with such accommodation providers to make the trip easier & enjoyable for our clients. Not only the rock fortress, elephant back ride is also possible near this hotspot, specially a ride on elephant in water through Sigiriya Wewa by witnessing the rock view.

The rock fortress and city honors the "best" among other historical places in Sri Lanka, for arts which is also known as frescoes which are inherent properties owned to Sri Lanka's history. After King Kashyapa, the kingdom was left back to Buddist monastery and later it was left alone. During British colonization, Majro H. Forbes discovered again the ancient fortress built for defense, and A.H. Adams & J. Bailey climbed and reached the summit in 1853, since that, the ancient fortress starts to gain attraction and popularity for its art work, moats & ramparts. Back to history, King Kashyapa had chosen Sigiriya as his capital of Kingdom to denfense himself from his brother Mogallana.

Other than the fresco which wins more attractions of tourists, on your visit, you can notice the ecological system which was applied by King during the construction of the kingdom; this results the water gardens, fountain gardens, boulder gardens, ponds, royal swimming pools and etc. Even the history dated back to King Kashyapa period, is mentioning there are 500 frescoes in the rock, there are very few still remain for tourists to see.

Sri Lanka government and people of the country are pride to safe guard this tourist attraction by taking the necessary activities and implementing the maintenance programs. As this ancient kingdom is designated as one of the most seen hotspot in Sri Lanka, and it is a UNESCO heritage site in Sri Lanka, the government is working on with the activities to improve the tourists' expectation & experience on this tourist site.

By visiting Sigiriya with, excite to see the ancient arts, hydraulic technology, city development, infrastructure, defense system dated back to A. D 5th Century. Call us today on +94 77 350 7005 to book a tour to Sigiriya Sri Lanka and other cultural & historical places in the Island.

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