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Kandy Sri Lanka
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Famously known as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for many reasons. Located in the Central Province of the country, traveling to the town itself will keep you mesmerized as even as you approach closer to the hill country you would be shocked to see the magnificent beauty which is hidden away in the interior of this little tropical island. Showing you truly how diverse Sri Lanka can be, a Kandy sightseeing tour will have you lost for words in a way you will never forget and only keep wanting more., the experienced travels & tours operator in Sri Lanka is happy to arrange Kandy sightseeing during your holiday tour in Sri Lanka. Call us +94 77 350 7005 (on mobile or viber or whatsapp) to experience the beauty of Kandy and visit the temple of tooth relic, Kandy lake, botanical gardens, royal palace, national museum, knuckles mountain range, international cricket stadium and so on.

Beautiful Places In Kandy To Visit

Kandy is a town laden with many romantic escapades. Beautiful surroundings of Kandy create one of the most breathtaking settings in the world. Apart from the beauty you are guaranteed to fall in love with is, the rich history the city introduces you to. Owing to mix of must see places in Kandy, you journey through this ancient city of Sri Lanka will guarantee nothing but, joy, surprise, excitement, and adventure all along the way.

All the magical places to visit in Kandy provide you with a glimpse and ability to feel the rich cultural heritage Sri Lanka has been built upon over centuries. Closely entwined with the traditional Sinhalese culture and Buddhist religion, the many sites in the city tell a story of an era where majestic kingdoms ruled the nation. The finest example of this cultural heritage is the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic which is also famously known as the Sri Dalada Maligawa. Being one of the most revered Buddhist pilgrimage sites, this royal palace of Kandy housing the left canine tooth relic of Lord Buddha manages to draws thousands of visitors all throughout the year. Due to the significance of this site which was built during the 17th Century, it has gained world recognition by being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka. Located right next to the sacred temple is the national museum Kandy which allows you to learn more about the heritage of the country so that you will be rich with experience and knowledge as you enjoy your holiday in Sri Lanka. Contact us today to visit Sri Dalada Maligawa, and Kandy sightseeing tour to read the history of the ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka and the hill capital.

Nature's Best Attractions In Kandy

Much of the beauty infused in the natural places to see in Kandy have got their own unique ambience due to the lush climate that is experienced. The lush greenery seen in the surroundings area is sustained through the tropical rainforest climate, which the geographical positioning of Kandy offers the city. This allows the city to experience a comparatively wetter and cooler climate than what can be experienced in other parts of the island which is the more common expectation in a tropical island. The Udawatta Kele sanctuary is a great example of the natural splendor of the city and is a protected sanctuary covering about 104 hectares of land. This has enabled Kandy to sustain natural habitats and be home to rare species of fauna and flora. Other major natural forests and Kandy points of interest you could visit include:

  • Knuckles mountain range - a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Hanthana mountains
  • Alagalla Mountain Range

  • If you are looking for adventurous and mountain climbing, Kandy would be the ideal location to be. Contact us to arrange a tour in Sri Lanka, and if your tastes are bound with cultural, adventurous and relaxing, Kandy will be on our Sri Lanka travel itinerary for you.

    Fun Things To Do In Kandy

    Apart from the enjoyment you will get by visiting tourist places in Kandy, the enjoyment of a journey through the city comes with the many things to do in Kandy. If you ask anyone who has visited Kandy before, a key highlight they would recommend to do is to take a walk through the beautiful Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. Covering a land area of over 60 hectares, this well maintained garden features the very best of Sri Lankan, Asian and international plant life.

    Another one of the most famous activities in Kandy Sri Lanka is associated with the much loved Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. This location acts as a haven where young and old elephants are given sanctuary in an area much similar to their natural habitat. It is truly a wonderful experience to be able to witness these gentle giants roam freely and live in harmony with each other. As you spend time in this site you will be able to watch large herds of elephants go for their daily bath in the waters of the Ma Oya and even take part in feeding some of these elephants and get an opportunity to be very close to them. If you love to be with the elephants and witness the elephant bath, contact us to organize the tour to Kandy, Pinnawela. Call us +94 77 350 7005.

    The Kandy Lake also provides visitors much options to engage in leisure activities. Built by the last King of Sri Lanka, the lake is located in the heart of the city and is protected against fisherman. A boat ride in the lake will give you the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the town cut off from the hustle and bustle of the busy city during the day. A walk around the lake is another romantic way of enjoying a moonlit night in a truly amazing city.

    To enjoy the beauty of the Kandy, Sri Lanka and to witness the cultural heritages of Sri Lanka & explore the adventurous in Kandy, call us today to organize a customized tour to Kandy. is the experienced travel operator in Sri Lanka guides you with the personalized tour in Sri Lanka to explore the secrets behind the beauty of the land.

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