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Bentota Sri Lanka

One of the Best Beaches in the World

Among the many tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, the town of Bentota is a very popular destination among tourists who visit the island. is proud to take you to the most wanted beach in the world, the Bentota beach during your holiday in Sri Lanka.

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Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

The Bentota, is located about 65 kilometers from the capital city, Colombo, and about 56 kilometers north of the major city Galle. Bentota tourism is world renowned for providing visitors with a glimpse of unmatched beauty of a coastal area in the island. This town has been geared to please every tourist who has been privileged to visit the town so much. So that many tourists who have enjoyed the blissful surroundings of the city have vowed to return to bask in the golden sands of the Bentota beach. Contact us, today to enjoy the golden sand of Bentota beach, call us +94 77 350 7005 or message us on Viber or Whatsapp or simply fill the form on this page to arrange the customized tour to Bentota Sri Lanka.

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The reason behind this town becoming so captivating is, there are endless amounts of things to do in Bentota Sri Lanka. Whether you are looking for a holiday to spend a relaxing time and unwind, or seek the adventure of a lifetime, the countless number of different things you can do in Bentota. The activities you can do in Bentota are sure to keep you pleasantly surprised all throughout your stay in Sri Lanka. If you are new to exploring the wonders of Sri Lanka, we, is here for you, the experienced, professional and committed Sri Lanka travel & tours operator. Please get in touch with us - your Bentota guide to help plan out your stay & explore the places to go and things to do in Bentota, Sri Lanka.

There are many leading hotels and resorts established with the aim of promoting Bentota Sri Lanka tourism which will ensure you have the most comfortable and safe stay. We have the contacts with those resorts and hotels and ensure our clients get the best deals & have a pleasant holidays during the stay in the beach city. The following are some of the main activities you could enjoy within the city of Bentota.
  • 1. Beach related activities, such as sufring, diving, water sports etc.
  • 2. Explore the wonders of Bentota town
  • 3. Be amazed by architectural sites from various eras
  • 4. Bentota river tour / river safari
  • 5. Visit to the turtle hatchery
  • 6. Kite sufring

Bentota Beach Things To Do

The Bentota beach is one of the most loved beaches amongst all the beautiful beaches in the island. With the many conservation efforts in place, the sun kissed beach of Bentota is one of the best sites Sri Lanka has to offer. There are so many Bentota beach activities you could engage in such as jet-skiing, deep sea sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and witnessing a large scale fishing harbor in operation. Bentota beach is one of the few locations in the world where you could take part in adventurous activities such as surfing, wind-surfing, and parasailing. Please let us know your interests and requirements, we will organize and arrange the delightful holidays in Bentota for you. There are many recreational facilities situated close to the coastal area which will provide you with the necessary gear you would need for such activities. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced individual looking for some action, Bentota beach is the best place to fulfill your needs. Still if you want to laze around and unwind you could also feast your eyes by watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset and enjoy the most photogenic scenes in this beautiful beach location as well.

Enjoying The Bentota River Sri Lanka

Yet another popular attraction within Bentota is the Bentota River. This river flows to the Indian Ocean forming a beautiful lagoon in this area. You would be able to enjoy the splendor of such a natural wonder by taking a Bentota river cruise. There are many certified service providers in the vicinity to take you on a magical Bentota river boat safari which will give you a glimpse of the wildlife in the area. is glad to arrange a Bentota river boat safari for you, contact us today for the excited river safari. Untouched by human civilization, rare species of animals such as monkeys and crocodiles roam freely near the lagoon and river. While on Bentota river safari you will be able to witness exotic species of birds and fish which makes such a trip a nature lover and photo enthusiast’s dream come true. These Bentota boat rides are also known to be highly popular amongst honeymoon couples as the calm waters create a romantic setting to enjoy in each others company. If you are looking forward to have your honeymoon in Sri Lanka and enjoy the most wanted romantic honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka, we are here for you to organize the customized honeymoon tour, and we will not miss the "Bentota river boat safari" on our list of Sri Lanka honeymoon itinerary.

Taking A Bentota City Tour

Apart from all the natural wonders you will experience with the help of your Bentota travel guide - the, there are many manmade wonders you would not want to miss out.
  • 1. Taking you back to the rich history of Sri Lanka, Bentota is home to the famous temple of Kande Viharaya which was built way back in 1734.

  • 2. In terms of more modern architecture, Bentota features the Bentota National Holiday Resort Complex which is the work of the world renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa and Lunuganga which was the famous architect's country home. A walk through Brief Gardens in Bentota, the work of the famous landscape artist Bevis Bawa is also a magical experience to enjoy.

  • 3. Taking trip to the sea turtle protection association Bentota allows you to witness a turtle hatchery which has been founded to save the rare and endangered turtle species in the island. Within the protective surroundings offered through the facility these rare animals are allowed to grow in an enriched environment until they are big enough to look after themselves once released to their natural habitats.

If you like to check out all these wonderful places in Bentota and have fun filled holidays contact us today to arrange a trip to Bentota.

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